Accidental Tourist

November 28, 2015 – the day I first owned a DSLR camera. Also the day I became an accidental tourist at C5 of Metro Manila.

The drive from Bonifacio Global City to UP Diliman took more than an hour because of heavy traffic that I decided to test my newly purchased 2nd hand/pre-loved DSLR, a Nikon D60.

It’s a very old model. I realized that since I am a newbie and still starting to learn, I can work with not brand new cameras as long as they are still in very good condition. I found my camera through the help of a photographer-by-hobby-engineer/entrepreneur-by-profession friend. He gave me the link to a website and I purchased the camera from a hobbyist and former surfer now seafarer. The seller bought it from Dubai at around 2100 Dirhams (about 25,000 Pesos).

With my love for taking photographs ever since my father gave me a triple A battery-powered Canon Powershot digital camera,  it’s ironic that I’ve only owned a DSLR just now.  I’ve always wanted one but I didn’t have money to buy one. As much as I’d want a new one, it’s not on the priority list. But now when opportunity came, I did not hesitate to grab. I s aw that this camera, despite being old, is appropriate for my level and enough for me to practice. Most importantly, it fit my budget.

It’s not my first time to buy a 2ndhand gadget online. The Microsoft Surface RT that I use everyday since June 2014 was bought online. I also met with the seller so I was sure it’s legit. I got it at about 47% of the original price.

I’d like to share tips for those who’d want to buy 2ndhand or even new gadgets online: Always do meet ups. Remember to test the product. Also, it’s useful to check the seller’s profile before agreeing to buy.

So after meeting with the seller, I went out the mall contented and so excited to tinker with a new old toy. However the traffic was so bad that I decided I couldn’t wait anymore to test the camera.

These first two pictures are so blurry, it definitely tells you I need a refresher haha!


Finally remembered which one to adjust to keep subjects in focus.

These are absolutely raw photos, directly imported from the camera and uploaded here.014








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