The Privileged Patient and the Grateful Patient

I have made a casual observation that charity inpatients are kinder and easier to empathize with than “pay” patients. Charity patients look at their doctors with such respect that they are afraid of disobeying their instructions. What you tell them, as their physician, is taken in full confidence. If the doctor says so, then it is so.

Of course this isn’t always the case. I have encountered charity patients that have gotten to my nerves but I have put forward this observation in order to present my view regarding that feeling of “privilege” among patients. Continue reading


Anilao – a breather from Manila

When clinical clerkship duties already feel overwhelming, I close my eyes and imagine the sea. I remember the sound of the waves, the cool breeze in contrast with the bright warm rays of the sun, the sharp broken pieces of dead corals battered and eventually ground to powder form, and the varying shades of blue created by the water and the horizon as it meets the sky. Continue reading

The Lights at Pinaglabanan Street

Two days ago I took my new old Nikon for it’s 2nd official field test, aiming to understand a little about Manual settings. It was already late so I had no choice but to take the photos with not much light, but it’s a good thing it’s Christmas time! I was excited because I had just read a refresher on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. The only thing left was to know which buttons to press to adjust these because I was too lazy to download the user guide.

After several takes and trial and errors, I finally achieved acceptable shots. However, I admit that these shots are pretty mediocre haha! I got hungry and needed to go home, but I learned a few lessons. Continue reading

Tropical Fishes of the Philippine Seas

In all my snorkeling trips at Balayan Bay of Anilao and Bauan in the province of Batangas and at Misamis Occidental in Mindanao, I have accumulated several pictures of fishes. I have planned for so long to make a sort of “database” that lists their common names and scientific names (haha sorry it’s one of my compulsions and passions). Finally I got the chance to do it and here is the preliminary list 😀 Continue reading