For the Love of the Game

It all started with a book. I got it from booksale for P30 and the cover showed this handsome blonde guy with carved abs and smoldering looks

At first I was only hooked on looking at handsome European footballers…

… but when I started watching them in their games, holy ****! I wanted to throw my shirt off.

Then I started watching the Champion’s League and set my alarm at 3 in  the morning just to catch a live stream. That’s how it all started, my love for this game called Football.

Now 4 years have passed since I started training with my school’s women’s team. I started with zero knowledge and wanted just to play for fun. When you’re stressed with all the readings that never ends, it is a great help to have an outlet such as sports. So I started learning how to kick the ball properly, how to pass and receive, to remember to sprint and to pressure… I have learned so much since the first time I joined training.

I didn’t expect much from myself because I know where I stood skill-wise, but I was more than thankful that I got to play for four years in Palarong Medisina. This is an annual sports festival participated by several medical schools under the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC).

We were coached by a very patient and talented man – Michael Simms, who himself is a great football player. He effectively taught us how to play with discipline but he never was stiff and stingy. In fact, going to trainings was something I anticipated since we have become more than just a team. We were all very good friends with a common love for football.

Each year Coach Mike would say that we had goals to achieve and as long as we achieved those goals then it doesn’t matter if we win or lose. And so for four years we trained together, putting in time  and effort despite hectic schedules.

Until one day, we finally hit Jackpot.


I can still remember those sweet two days of Palarong Med 2016.


Warming up




We were this year’s champions, and to borrow Drake’s words we started from the bottom now we’re here.

I must admit though that being a clinical clerk this year made it almost impossible to attend trainings. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to attend the event, but my love for this game was enough to make me miss 2 days from my OB-Gyn rotation. It doesn’t matter though, watching my teammates play with all their heart and knowing that my team beat every opponent to reach the top was so worth it.


With other clinical clerks, who just can’t give up playing



14 used to be Xabi Alonso’s number when he still played for Real Madrid


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