Tagaytay Hits

Tagaytay is such a well known place, so famous that I never really was so interested in going there. I’ve passed by it a few times during bus rides to Batangas, and I always thought the glances I get of Taal Volcano was already enough. This time however, I went mainstream hence I have a touristy picture of Taal Volcano, yay!! 🙂

I don’t need to say that the wind was chilly. Or that the view was spectacular. And that there were a lot of people haha. But I would like to share that I went there with just 400 pesos in my wallet.

I saw Sky Ranch from the outside, it was like Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, except they had “horseback riding” (though I think horseback riding in my province was way better haha, see picture of me at the About page).

There were several expensive-looking houses. How nice it must be to live in such a sweeeeet place. And the marks of Henry Sy and Gokongwei…

I took pictures in my around 4 hour visit. Here… most taken by me except for my pictures, which were taken by this Peace Corp Volunteer guy who’s my friend, who also happens to write a blog (here: Colin’s Adventure’s in the Philippines)



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