Today I argued with three people

Today I argued with three people but it felt like I picked a fight with the whole world. It doesn’t matter how trivial the topic or how reasonable my argument was, in the end a conflict is a double-edged sword. It makes me feel like I’ve stabbed myself too. After the boiling emotions concurring with the frustrations and physical exhaustion inside me comes the downward spiral of negativity – it starts with anger and ends with self-pity.

So what I did, after the last and 3rd argument I picked with a guy I liked, was that I cried. It was a selfish miserable cry but it made me feel better. Made me see how stupid I could be. Then I decided to write it down so I can remember that on this day at this night, I thought I was miserable. Also I painted it on Paint 3D. There down below.

Hope to feel better!