About Venus

Doctor (MD), Researcher, photographer&writer-wannabe.

Hello! Kumusta?

I’m Venus!

I love exploring cultures, discovering traditions, and traveling in unconventional ways.

I was born on the western part of Mindanao in the beautiful country of the Philippines but currently I am studying Medicine at UERM Memorial Medical Center.

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts. Expect a hodgepodge of topics, all of them written with much passion and enthusiasm. I hope you all enjoy the posts here the same way I loved writing them! πŸ™‚


Update: I have finished medical school last 2016 and got my license as a doctor  (MD) on 2017. Currently still living in Manila.


Update: I have been working almost 3 years as a general physician now and have been devoting a big chunk of my professional career in medical research. Just a fledgling in this field but hoping to do something meaningful!

11 thoughts on “About Venus

  1. Jonathan Awori says:

    Venus, your blog looks amazing! What a gorgeous country you come from. I’m also glad to see your passion for medicine, writing and photography. They are a natural combination as we must be able to write about medical experiences and create meaningful visuals for our patients as well. I look forward to following your blog!

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