My view from the 5th floor of the hospital

My view from the 5th floor of the hospital

I have come to terms with the fact that most of my time has already been inside the hospital. When I’m on duty, I spend at least 24 hours inside the clerk call room, walking the hospital hallways, monitoring in the wards, or eating at the cafeteria inside or near the hospital. Such is life!

As a catharsis, I write. Writing is therapeutic for me, aside from being a form of freedom from confinement inside white walls and scrub suits. However at some point, I’ve started to write about things I have learned in medical school and my experiences and reflections on becoming a doctor. These writings deserve a separate place. They don’t fit in any other category because the experience of becoming a doctor is not something that happens to everyone.

I have also decided to share some “medical resources”. These things are precious for medical students. I know the struggles for understanding, memorizing, and applying all the readings in medical school. It is always such a relief to find resources that are easy to digest and at the same time correct. So as a way of paying it forward, I’ll share some here too.


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